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We want to make your bike parking vision a reality. Whether it's from our catalogue or your imagination, we can make it happen.
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Choose your product based on location, space, safety, and visibility. A repair station should be located at a logical starting or ending point, where cyclists are likely to stop.
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There are many options to choose from, types of tools, size, mounting options, and of course colour! You can also add customized laser-cut panels to display your logo or custom text.
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Look for our bike racks, bike repair stations, and shelters in many of your local communities. See something you like or are you missing bike parking options in your neighbourhood? Let’s chat and see how we can make your community more bike accessible.


Bicycle repair stations are a clear and practical way to communicate how much you value and encourage cycling within your community. Whether you are implementing a Cycling Master Plan or trying to increase or accommodate local bike traffic, public bike repair stations are a valuable addition to your cycling infrastructure.


Our goal is to provide the latest and greatest in innovative bike parking solutions and informative cyclist news.

Commitment to Sustainability

Greenspoke is a Canadian company dedicated to providing bike parking and repair solutions for active communities. With extensive experience in industrial design and fabrication, Greenspoke offers a diverse suite of products with an unwavering commitment to producing durable, attractive, and eco-friendly solutions. Our team believes in sustainable manufacturing and Greenspoke products consist of approximately 67% recycled steel. Because of the amazing metallurgical properties of steel, this material can continue to be recycled with no degradation in performance, meaning our products remain durable and reliable.


We’re not just bike parking specialists, we are passionate about all things cycling. Follow us to stay up-to-date on bike parking innovations, as well as relevant cyclist news and information in your community.
Karen Bittner, Director of Facilities & Community Services, Town of Blind River

Greenspoke is an Ontario-based firm creating products that meet the demands of active Ontarians. Our repair posts withstand our snow covered paradise and offer services to our winter cyclists. Great service, happy staff and a true thrill to work with!

Karen Bittner, Director of Facilities & Community Services, Town of Blind River
Darren Kropf, Active Transportation Manager, City of Kitchener

Greenspoke products are dependable and their service is top notch. I’m confident I can find the product I’m looking for and it’ll be installed at the highest quality. I also appreciate that their products are constantly evolving based on user feedback. The products get better every year.

Darren Kropf, Active Transportation Manager, City of Kitchener